Design & build

Unsung will work with you to create an end-to-end PKI solution developed specifically for the requirements of your business

We know it’s not just about the technology stack. People are as important as machines so we will work with you not only to make sure you are getting the right systems but that these systems support the needs of your people and business processes to maximise efficiency.

      • Our design and implementation utilises market leading, best in class practice.
      • We are vendor agnostic so will work with a provider of your choice including Key Factor, Thales, and more.
      • We can help you with selecting the right mix of certificate management products as well as all PKI related hardware such as HSMs.
      • We can supply all of your on premise and cloud-based software licensing.
      • We can build, install, integrate, and manage your PKI to suit your security needs.
      • Once the system is built, we can train your in-house team to ensure a smooth handover and continued operation.