PKI consultancy and implementation

Unsung is a trusted IT Security consultancy that specialises in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). PKI is the foundation of modern cybersecurity and digital trust.

Our expertise spans the entire PKI ecosystem. What sets us apart is our vendor-neutral approach, industry-leading levels of knowledge, and experience of our staff.


Why PKI technology?

Put simply, PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is a tool that establishes digital trust, protects identities, and allows for a secure data exchange.
It is a tool that enables software or systems to be validated using a trusted third party (which is the PKI) – so when users or systems are communicating with third parties they can trust who they say they are because their identity is backed by a verifiable root of trust.
People interact with PKI all the time and don’t realise it. The technology simply sits in the background and supports everyday solutions such as online banking and ID passes.
PKI is about building trust into systems and underpins the security of multiple technologies using digital certificates. Its use not only protects sensitive data by providing an additional layer of security, it – 
      • Enables companies to protect their brand reputation by reducing the risk of breaches.
      • Assists businesses to comply with data privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).