PKI Consultancy & Implementation

We are a trusted PKI company, who provide best in class solutions.
Technically skilled & experienced in Identity, Access Management & enterprise PKI cryptographic solutions.
Unsung are experts in both operational and compliance competencies for enterprise-wide PKI cryptographic solutions.

Service and Features

Hand-off your PKI overheads to Unsung with their market leading expertise and innovation.
Unsung can offer services from assistance and advice to full management and PKI as a Service.

Certificate Management

  • Design and deployment of various Certificate Management Systems

  • Centralised management

  • Gain oversight and control of your certificate estate


  • Security best practises always employed

  • Introduce multi factor authentication

  • Smartcards, USB tokens and HSMs

PKI Design

  • Design and implementation utilising best practises

  • Vendor agnostic: Microsoft, EJBCA, EnTrust...

  • PKI as a Service


  • International PKI experts

  • All aspects of security including PKI, HSM, Certificate Management and Procedures and Policies

  • All consultants backed by decades of experience in multiple fields


  • Automate certificate lifecycle

  • Remove manual processes

  • Maintain control

  • Infrastructure as code


  • PKI Hosting

  • Support for multiple CA and Certificate Management vendors

  • Centralised management in the cloud

  • Integrate with on-premises infrastructure