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Why call on Unsung's Consultancy Services?


Whether you're a start-up or an established organisation - your workforce (at some point) will require a specialised team at their side. Someone to:

  • advise them on the best way forward,

  • resolve an issue they just don't have the skillset for,

  • help them plan ahead to reduce future operational or security risks.

Maybe you're looking to build new or migrate your key IT to a new platform? Perhaps you're moving all your IT operations to a third-party outsourcer, or even going rough an acquisition or merger.

All large IT change programs need to consider Cybersecurity and IT threats, and how those Cybersecurity functions are to be manage on an on-going basis.

Unsung's specialists in PKI, Encryption, Authentication and Identity are able to provide a wide range of support and advice. We can also provide quality assurance services - be it independent and professional advice on another third party's deliverables, or perhaps on your own internal teams output, where additional trust or certainty is required against a proposed delivery, or competed deliverable.

Plus, Unsung knows that it's not just about 'the Technology' stack. People are as important as machines. Too often Cybersecurity is characterised as a technology arms race but developing operational resilience relies as much on cultural & behavioural change within your teams, as the appropriate technical design and components. Our Consultants will work with you to understand if you're getting the right PKI IT systems; but also whether there's a need to improve the interaction those systems are having with your people and processes.

The depth of knowledge needed to manage the evolving world of IT Security today can easily be overwhelming for businesses. But the good news is - Unsung are here to help and share that burden with you.

How Unsung differ from other IT Security Consultancies:


With our years of experience and expertise working within delivery focused roles, both in UK Government and the Private sector, we're able to work with your IT teams, Security and Change teams, to successfully assist you with your full PKI life cycle. Something we've done across levels of PKI complexity, having aligned to all manner of customer project and governance models in place.

Unsung also have the knowledge and experience to provide solutions and advice on all aspects of PKI, be it purely technical, procedural or operational challenges. Utilising Unsung's extensive PKI knowledge in Cloud, On Premise and 'as a service' PKI services. Meaning out consultants can take your business' goals and requirements into account, and provide you with an advice-driven consultancy service, assisting you to meet your requirements on time and in budget.

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