Denise Moller

What is post quantum cryptography?

Digital padlock

It sounds like something out of a sci fi movie – quantum computers taking over and threatening to hack into our systems and steal our sensitive data. The reality however is that quantum computing is happening. Current predictions have estimates anywhere from as early as 2026 to not till 2030. So, what is it and … Read more

The importance of digital trust


As human beings, trust is fundamental to us in all aspects of our life. Trust also forms the basis of good relationships and business practices, so when it comes to the online world it is no different. We need to know that we are safe online – especially in a world where there is an increasing amount of fraud, scamming and cyber incidents.

What is PKI?

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Many people regularly interact with PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology and simply don’t realise it. That’s because PKI sits quietly in the background helping to validate identities needed for a range of systems such as online banking and digitally signed documents. PKI is essentially a system of software, hardware, policies and processes that allow you … Read more

Our sponsorship of Ellesse Andrews

Ellesse Andrews

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of New Zealand cyclist Ellesse Andrews who is competing in the UCI Track Champions League in Europe for the first time – having recently won medals at the UCI Cycling World Championships in Glasgow and across Scotland. So, who is Ellesse and what is the cycle race about? … Read more